Draft District Plan Feedback

Nearly 500 emails, online forms and hard-copy feedback documents were received from 345 unique individuals, organisations and companies to the Draft Waitaki District Plan during the 2022 engagement phase. This feedback will be considered by Council and used to inform what goes into the Proposed District Plan.

Phone numbers and email addresses and any other sensitive information has been redacted, however respondent names and addresses have been retained as these tend to provide useful context for property specific feedback.

The raw feedback data has been made available in the table below. The feedback is not ordered alphabetically – we recommend that you use the “find” function in your web browser (usually ctrl+f) to assist with searching this list for specific feedback. Please note that some of the files are large (>10 MB) and may take a while to download.  


Response Submitter Organisation 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0001(PDF, 508KB) Elaine Monks & Michael Payan Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0002(PDF, 81KB) Andrew Rodwell Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0003(PDF, 158KB) Peter Rodwell Elderslie
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0004(PDF, 883KB)   Adrian Low  Lake Ohau Station Limited
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0005(PDF, 21KB) Annah Evington Nil 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0006(PDF, 15KB) Lynda Lindsay  Nil


Alan Matchett

 DDPR RESPONDENT 0008(PDF, 16KB) Alissa Anderson Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0009(PDF, 15KB) Raymond Wilson Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0010(PDF, 445KB) Andrew Feierabend Meridian Energy Limited 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0011(PDF, 89KB) Andrew Kantor Chorus New Zealand Ltd.
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0012(PDF, 18KB) Katrina Hazelhurst Nil 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0013(PDF, 198KB) Anonymous Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0014(PDF, 137KB) Andrew Powazynski Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0015(PDF, 168KB) Anonymous Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0016(PDF, 15KB) Billy Mitchell Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0017(PDF, 685KB) Bryce & Janice Burnett Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0018(PDF, 16KB) Barbara Dalgety  Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0019(PDF, 15KB) Brent Cunningham  Waitaki District Council
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0020(PDF, 15KB) Janeen Benny   Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0021(PDF, 20KB) Ian & John Anderson  Ben Omar Station 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0022(PDF, 5MB) William and Penelope Ellis  Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0023(PDF, 15KB) Bill Bennett Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0024(PDF, 6MB) Benjamin Murrary  Graymont 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0025(PDF, 20KB) Jo & Ross Hay  Springbank 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0026(PDF, 17KB) Bruce Albiston  Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0027(PDF, 16KB) Dave Bylett Harbour View Rest Home
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0028(PDF, 292KB) Chelsea McGaw The Royal Forest and Bird Society (Waitaki Branch)
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0029(PDF, 14KB) Callum Grant  Kakanui Tomatoes Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0030(PDF, 228KB) Morgan Eastern  Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0031(PDF, 589KB) Christine McMillan  On behalf of Dave & Lisa Anderson, and Hadleigh & Magda Bognuda
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0032(PDF, 15KB) Christine Brien  Open Eyes Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0033(PDF, 86KB) Harry Andrew Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0034(PDF, 15KB) Paul & Rowena Norton Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0035(PDF, 220KB) Cordelia Woodhouse Environmental Defence Society
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0036(PDF, 11MB) Linda Hobbs On behalf of Tom & Linda Hobbs, and Phillip & Helen Barclay
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0037(PDF, 276KB) William Brown SARB Investments Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0038(PDF, 1MB) Charles & Andrea Lunam  Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0039(PDF, 140KB) Craig McMillan Heliventures NZ Limited
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0040(PDF, 15KB) Richard Cruice Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0041(PDF, 1MB) Mary & Bob Fulton Glenburn Camp Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0042(PDF, 166KB) Darryl Sycamore  On behalf of Nicky Atkinson
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0043(PDF, 3MB) Daryl Cockburn Inter-Professional Trust 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0044(PDF, 333KB) David Cormack Wenita
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0045(PDF, 2MB) David Loten  Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0046(PDF, 222KB) Julie Heatherington Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0047(PDF, 35KB) David Matheson Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0048(PDF, 556KB) Donna Demente-Ogilvy Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0049(PDF, 571KB) Doyle Richardson On behalf of Alliance Group Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0050(PDF, 2MB) Dugald McTavish Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0051(PDF, 223KB) Dylan Schwartz AirBNB
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0052(PDF, 241KB) Elizabeth Soal  Waitaki Irrigators Collective Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0053(PDF, 68MB) Trudi Burney Transpower New Zealand Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0054(PDF, 11MB) Fran Davies Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0055(PDF, 5KB) Feedback withdrawn Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0056(PDF, 5KB) Feedback withdrawn  Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0057(PDF, 638KB) Fleur Rohleder On behalf of Fire & Emergency New Zealand
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0058(PDF, 47KB) Felicity Morris  Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0059(PDF, 1MB) Mike Sweeney Friends of Ōamaru Harbour
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0060(PDF, 15KB) Gwenda Laurenson Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0061(PDF, 15KB) Gary Millar Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0062(PDF, 3MB) Russel & Karen Gawn Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0063(PDF, 471KB) Sue Murray & David McFarlane Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust - Te Tautiaki Hoiho
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0064(PDF, 814KB) Geoff & Jan Keeling Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0065(PDF, 15KB) Geoff Mavor Wholesale Seeds
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0066(PDF, 2MB) Graeme Ibister & Warwick Scott Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0067(PDF, 4MB) Marty & Charlotte Kelly  Glencairn Station
Graeme McCarrison & Colin Clune Spark and Vodafone
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0069(PDF, 16KB) Grant Miles Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0070(PDF, 253KB) Sarah and Gareth Ibister GSI Trading Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0071(PDF, 8KB) Hamish Osborne Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0072(PDF, 16KB) Brian Harrison Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0073(PDF, 697KB) Hayley Kennedy Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0074(PDF, 5KB) Duplicate Feedback Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0075(PDF, 16KB) Hazel Agnew Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0076(PDF, 313KB) Elizabeth Alexander 21 on Arrow 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0077(PDF, 13KB) Helena Paton Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0078(PDF, 206KB) Micheal Duddin Inc Design Store Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0079(PDF, 15KB) Olivia Johnstone Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0080(PDF, 440KB) Hamish Wallace Knox Gray Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0081(PDF, 8KB) Ian Davison Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0082(PDF, 288KB) Ian Bradshaw Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0083(PDF, 16KB) Chloe Searle Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0084(PDF, 16KB) Sheryl Popham Indulgence Rural Retreat
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0085(PDF, 104KB) Ronald Clearwater Braided River Jet Boating
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0086(PDF, 845KB) Steve Woodside Jet Boating New Zealand
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0087(PDF, 17KB) John, Monique & Richard Dekker Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0088(PDF, 380KB) Nil Toitu Te Whenua Land Information
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0089(PDF, 84KB) James O'Gorman Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0090(PDF, 208KB) James Burgess Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0091(PDF, 15KB) Judy Kingan Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0092(PDF, 15KB) Lynda Wilson Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0093(PDF, 10KB) Jacqui Eggleton CCS Disability Action - Local Advisory Committee Waitaki
DDPR RESPONDENT 0094(PDF, 605KB) Jeremy Harding Aggregate and Quarry Association
DDPR RESPONDENT 0095(PDF, 254KB) Trish Pedofsky  Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0096(PDF, 77KB) Jill Corson Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0097(PDF, 678KB) Martin & Janene Parsons The Hectors Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0098(PDF, 384KB) Joanne Pacey Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd C/- Resource Management Group Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0099(PDF, 139KB) Jocelyn deReus Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0100(PDF, 760KB) Jodi Joyce Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0101(PDF, 15KB) John Sueavis Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0102(PDF, 3MB) Michelle Kitchen Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0103(PDF, 223KB) Justinus Avi Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0104(PDF, 19KB) David & Yvonne Medlicott Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0105(PDF, 17KB) Lindsey Rusbatch Kakanui Ratepayers and Improvement Society
DDPR RESPONDENT 0106(PDF, 72KB) Karen Swaine Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0107(PDF, 236KB) Mike Harrison Waitaki District Council Roading Department
DDPR RESPONDENT 0108(PDF, 5KB) Duplicate Feedback Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0109(PDF, 568KB) Kees & Kathryn Zeestraten Ōhau Downs Station - Five Rivers Limited
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0110(PDF, 15KB) Keli Mason Nil 
DDPR RESPONDENT 0111(PDF, 7KB) Kevin Wood University of Otago
DDPR RESPONDENT 0112(PDF, 170KB) Kevin Bligh Road Metals
DDPR RESPONDENT 0113(PDF, 15KB) Katherine Henry Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0114(PDF, 16KB) Kirsty Williamson Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0115(PDF, 8KB) Erik van der Spek Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0116(PDF, 143KB) Ken & Jan Wheeler Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0117(PDF, 15KB) Kerry & Glenda O'Neill Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0118(PDF, 16KB) Kris Rush Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0119(PDF, 3MB) Kurt Bowen McBrimar Construction Limited
DDPR RESPONDENT 0120(PDF, 492KB) Ray Henderson Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0121(PDF, 126KB) Leigh Crowe Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0122(PDF, 194KB) Lesley Te Maiharoa-Sykes Waitaha Taiwhenua o Waitaki
DDPR RESPONDENT 0123(PDF, 91KB) Linton Winder Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0124(PDF, 116KB) Liz McMecking Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0125(PDF, 129KB) Liz Collins Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0126(PDF, 26KB) Liz Thompson Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0127(PDF, 18KB) Anonymous Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0128(PDF, 16KB) Maryanne Clark Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0129(PDF, 101KB) Lucy King On behalf of Totara Estate
DDPR RESPONDENT 0130(PDF, 14KB) Lyndon Gray Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0131(PDF, 15KB) Stephen Johannis Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0132(PDF, 1MB) Nil Waitaki Whitestone Geopark
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0133(PDF, 358KB) Anonymous Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0134(PDF, 290KB) Mary O'Brien CCS Disability Action
DDPR RESPONDENT 0135(PDF, 214KB) Matt Parsons Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0136(PDF, 145KB) Maurice Dale Ara Poutama Aotearoa Department of Corrections
DDPR RESPONDENT 0137(PDF, 449KB) Maurice Cowie Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0138(PDF, 193KB) Murray Brass Department of Conservation (DOC) Office
DDPR RESPONDENT 0139(PDF, 521KB) Robert McTague Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0140(PDF, 34MB) Megan Justice On behalf of Network Waitaki Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0141(PDF, 15KB) Andrew Harvey Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0142(PDF, 10KB) Micheal Crozier Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0143(PDF, 163KB) Mike Collins Business South Inc
DDPR RESPONDENT 0144(PDF, 15KB) Mike Pole Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0145(PDF, 15KB) David McFarlane Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0146(PDF, 2MB) Molly Moriches Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0147(PDF, 568KB) Mike Sweeney Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0148(PDF, 145KB) Mandy Tocher LizardExpertNZ
DDPR RESPONDENT 0149(PDF, 15KB) Murray Stuart Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0150(PDF, 15KB) Natalie Carpenter Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0151(PDF, 14KB) Colleen Robson Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0152(PDF, 969KB) Neville Bartrum Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0153(PDF, 991KB) Blair & Jane Smith Livingstone Creek Farming Limited & Newhaven Farms Limited 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0154(PDF, 36KB) Phillip Nicolson Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0155(PDF, 14KB) Robert Halcrow Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0156(PDF, 404KB) Nigel Paragreen Fish & Game New Zealand
DDPR RESPONDENT 0157(PDF, 15KB) Micheal Goldingham Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0158(PDF, 77KB) Vivienne Smith-Campbell Ōhau Conservation Trust
DDPR RESPONDENT 0159(PDF, 287KB) Otto Dogterom Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0160(PDF, 170KB) P deReus Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0161(PDF, 521KB) Paul Olsen Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0162(PDF, 274KB) Paula Eatherley Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0163(PDF, 15KB) P.D.R Lindsay-Salmon Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0164(PDF, 116KB) Penny Gallagher On behalf of Matt Parsons
DDPR RESPONDENT 0165(PDF, 145KB) Phil Page On Behalf of W H & A J Sutherland (Benmore Station)
DDPR RESPONDENT 0166(PDF, 259KB) Phillip Galbraith Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0167(PDF, 212KB) Pip Walker Oceania Gold (New Zealand) Limited
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0168(PDF, 15KB) Peter Plunket Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0169(PDF, 408KB) Trent Spittle Quailburn Downs
DDPR RESPONDENT 0170(PDF, 1MB) Rachel Tutty Environment Canterbury
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0171(PDF, 14KB) Ramon Zeestraten Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0172(PDF, 16KB) Ann Gibson Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0173(PDF, 15KB) Richard Maher Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0174(PDF, 15KB) Richard Thorp BX Foods Oamaru / Oamaru Meats Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0175(PDF, 16KB) Richard Hardwick Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0176(PDF, 315KB) Warren & Janene Kershaw Riverside Haven Lodge & Holiday Park
DDPR RESPONDENT 0177(PDF, 101KB) Grant Finn On behalf of Seng (Peter) Lim & family 
DDPR RESPONDENT 0178(PDF, 15KB) Robert Ramsay Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0179(PDF, 15KB) Robbie Verhoef Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0180(PDF, 15KB) Robert Matheson Duff Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0181(PDF, 19KB) Ronald Clearwater Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0182(PDF, 15KB) Anne-Marie Elliott Pukekarara Farming Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0183(PDF, 16KB) Ross Dungey Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0184(PDF, 854KB) Ross & Sue McCulloch McCulloch Agri Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0185(PDF, 15KB) Ruth Davison Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0186(PDF, 15KB) Sandy Jones Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0187(PDF, 483KB) Sarah Cameron Horticulture New Zealand
DDPR RESPONDENT 0188(PDF, 16KB) Shane King Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0189(PDF, 3MB) Sheena McGuire KiwiRail
DDPR RESPONDENT 0190(PDF, 15KB) Janette McKenzie Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0191(PDF, 974KB) Sally Hunt Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0192(PDF, 217KB) Sian Kilgour House Movers Section of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association Inc
DDPR RESPONDENT 0193(PDF, 15KB) Alasdair Sime Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0194(PDF, 15KB) Lindsay Smith Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0195(PDF, 123KB) Damien McNamara Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0196(PDF, 11KB) Sonja McCullough-Roco Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0197(PDF, 331KB) Sophie Brocklesby On behalf of Fuel Companies (BP, Mobil, Z)
DDPR RESPONDENT 0198(PDF, 15KB) Stanley Richard Lusby Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0199(PDF, 15KB) Sue Pennycook Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0200(PDF, 93KB)  Sven Thelning North Otago Aero Club
DDPR RESPONDENT 0201(PDF, 52KB) Sophia Leon de la Barra & Ra McRostie Tia Ora Farms
DDPR RESPONDENT 0202(PDF, 16KB) Terry Kent Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0203(PDF, 15KB) Elizabeth Thomas Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0204(PDF, 15KB) Tim Craig Craigs Poultry
DDPR RESPONDENT 0205(PDF, 16KB) Vivienne Tobin Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0206(PDF, 357KB) Tom Anderson On behalf of Telecommunications Companies
DDPR RESPONDENT 0207(PDF, 15KB) David Rush Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0208(PDF, 16KB)  Victoria van der Spek Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0209(PDF, 35KB) Sophia Leon de la Barra Tia Ora Farms
DDPR RESPONDENT 0210(PDF, 2MB) Nil Pork Industry New Zealand
DDPR RESPONDENT 0211(PDF, 14KB) V Chambers Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0212(PDF, 407KB) Mark, Jayne, Val & Tony Strachan Vernazza Limited
DDPR RESPONDENT 0213(PDF, 11MB) Darryn Brewster Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0214(PDF, 15KB) Ward Jenkinson Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0215(PDF, 269KB) Warren Hanley Otago Regional Council 
DDPR RESPONDENT 0216(PDF, 15KB) Nelson O'Brien Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0217(PDF, 15KB) Gregory Wicksteed Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0218(PDF, 18KB) Alan Wightman Wightman Forestries Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0219(PDF, 227KB) Winsome White Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0220(PDF, 18KB) Greg Wylie Nil 
DDPR RESPONDENT 0221(PDF, 577KB) Zac Robinson Port Blakely Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0222(PDF, 15KB) Margaret Steer Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0223(PDF, 1MB) Carrie Gibson On behalf of Alaistair & Carrie Family Trust
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0224(PDF, 724KB) Duncan & Georgie McGregor Havrincourt
DDPR RESPONDENT 0225(PDF, 689KB) Angela Johnston Federated Farmers
DDPR RESPONDENT 0226(PDF, 24KB) Andrew Banks Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0227(PDF, 2MB) Malcolm John McKenzie Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0228(PDF, 1MB) Ben Douglas Dome Hills
DDPR RESPONDENT 0229(PDF, 27KB) Brent Cowles Otematata Eatery
DDPR RESPONDENT 0230(PDF, 16KB) Bridget Irving Killermont Station
DDPR RESPONDENT 0231(PDF, 24KB) Rachel Kane Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0232(PDF, 368KB) Greg Miller Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0233(PDF, 563KB) Cameron Leckie Survey Waitaki Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0234(PDF, 531KB) Cameron Leckie On behalf of John Cheesman
DDPR RESPONDENT 0235(PDF, 56KB) Ian Carter Kevmarc Farms
DDPR RESPONDENT 0236(PDF, 14MB) Chris Howes Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0237(PDF, 902KB) David Douglas Dome Hills
DDPR RESPONDENT 0238(PDF, 13KB) David Croft Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0239(PDF, 24KB) Ed Aubrey Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0240(PDF, 2MB) Emily Anderson Lower Waitaki Irrigators
DDPR RESPONDENT 0241(PDF, 440KB) Emily Anderson On behalf of Justin & Renee Meikle
DDPR RESPONDENT 0242(PDF, 197KB) Tony Michelle New Zealand Agricultural Aviation Association
DDPR RESPONDENT 0243(PDF, 648KB) Errol Wills Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0244(PDF, 11MB) Frans & Maxine Schlack Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0245(PDF, 11MB) Frans & Maxine Schlack On behalf of Sarah & Jarod McIvor
DDPR RESPONDENT 0246(PDF, 11MB) Frans & Maxine Schlack On behalf of Wyn & Gil Barbezat
DDPR RESPONDENT 0247(PDF, 11MB) Frans & Maxine Schlack On behalf of Kim & Warren Shirtcliff
DDPR RESPONDENT 0248(PDF, 11MB) Frans & Maxine Schlack On behalf of Phillip & Helen Barclay
DDPR RESPONDENT 0249(PDF, 11MB) Geoff King Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0250(PDF, 35KB) Nicola Neal Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0251(PDF, 10MB) Bruce Comfort Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0252(PDF, 9MB) Gavin & Mandy Wills Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0253(PDF, 24KB) Henry Williamson West Edge Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0254(PDF, 75KB) David Duff Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0255(PDF, 430KB) Heather Arnold PF Olsen 
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0256(PDF, 145KB) Helen Caley Fulton Hogan
DDPR RESPONDENT 0257(PDF, 13KB) Jeremy Hawker Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0258(PDF, 52KB) Annette Holden Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0259(PDF, 24KB) Ian Anderson Ben Ledi
DDPR RESPONDENT 0260(PDF, 4MB) James White On behalf of Grant & Vicki Purvis
DDPR RESPONDENT 0261(PDF, 4MB) James White On behalf of Bryce & Rachel Kane
DDPR RESPONDENT 0262(PDF, 3MB) James White On behalf of Thompson Holdings Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0263(PDF, 719KB) James White On behalf of SW Forbes & PA Cameron
DDPR RESPONDENT 0264(PDF, 523KB) James White On behalf of Eleanor Ormandy 
DDPR RESPONDENT 0265(PDF, 2MB) James White  On behalf of Henry Wardell
DDPR RESPONDENT 0266(PDF, 14MB) James White On behalf of Parker Property (2021) Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0267(PDF, 4MB) James White On behalf of KS & MD Kennedy 
DDPR RESPONDENT 0268(PDF, 7KB) James White  Survey Waitaki 
DDPR RESPONDENT 0269(PDF, 91KB) Jan Wheeler Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0270(PDF, 904KB) David Wigley Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0271(PDF, 148KB) Jeremy Harding Straterra
DDPR RESPONDENT 0272(PDF, 5KB) Duplicate Feedback Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT (PDF, 5KB)0273 Duplicate Feedback Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0274(PDF, 193KB) Patricia Pedofsky Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0275(PDF, 33KB) James Hurst Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0276(PDF, 717KB) James Harding Crosby (Jim) Morris Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0277(PDF, 32KB) John McMecking Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0278(PDF, 10KB) Jon Bielby Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0279(PDF, 11KB) Cam Mackenzie Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0280(PDF, 10KB) Keiran McNamara Nil
Karl Rendel Canterbury Spinners Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0282(PDF, 351KB) Kate Graham On behalf of Ministry of Education
DDPR RESPONDENT 0283(PDF, 199KB) Kate Graham On behalf of Oranga Tamariki
DDPR RESPONDENT 0284(PDF, 34KB) James Glucksman Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0285(PDF, 1MB) Kate Macgregor & Paul Murcott Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0286(PDF, 685KB) Kate Macgregor On behalf of Rogan & Michelle Borrie
DDPR RESPONDENT 0287(PDF, 3MB) Stephen Ambler Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0288(PDF, 1MB) Livi Whyte Waka Kotahi
DDPR RESPONDENT 0289(PDF, 1MB) Bryan Patterson Longslip Station
DDPR RESPONDENT 0290(PDF, 12KB) Mark Renalson Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0291(PDF, 34KB) Marcelo Carena North Dakota State University
DDPR RESPONDENT 0292(PDF, 36KB) Mark Smith Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0293(PDF, 504KB) Matthew Hill


DDPR RESPONDENT 0294(PDF, 407KB) Michael & Christine Holland MC Holland Farming Ltd
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0295(PDF, 100KB) Richard & Jane Metcalfe Metcalfe Farm
DDPR RESPONDENT 0296(PDF, 20KB) Mike Searle North Otago Irrigation Company
DDPR RESPONDENT 0297(PDF, 14KB) Noel Joyce Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0298(PDF, 15KB) Nick Blampied Te Pari
DDPR RESPONDENT 0299(PDF, 139KB) Nivonne & John Schultz Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0300(PDF, 4MB) Paul Rutledge Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0301(PDF, 19KB) Peter Mitchell  Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0302(PDF, 535KB) Rayya Ali New Zealand Motor Caravan Association
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0303(PDF, 43KB) Sandra Winder Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0304(PDF, 429KB) Sandra Olsen  Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0305(PDF, 11KB) Sara McCunnie Sara McCunnie Design Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0306(PDF, 31KB) Debbie Francis Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0307(PDF, 2MB) Shane Melton Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0308(PDF, 3MB) Simon Williamson Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0309(PDF, 1006KB) Susan Stott Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0310(PDF, 60KB) Tim Blackler Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0311(PDF, 446KB) Tim Fletcher Ngapara Holdings Trust
DDPR RESPONDENT 0312(PDF, 599KB) Tim Fletcher On behalf of Sam & Arlene Marshall
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0313(PDF, 10KB) Tim Mueller Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0314(PDF, 2MB) Tinaya Kelly Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0315(PDF, 4MB) Tom Scott National Public Health Service, Southern Region
DDPR RESPONDENT 0316(PDF, 2MB) Viv Smith-Campbell Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0317(PDF, 183KB) Paul Mutch Palmerston A&P Society
DDPR RESPONDENT 0318(PDF, 167KB) Garry Dodd Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0319(PDF, 221KB) Brian Kerin Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0320(PDF, 204KB) Barry & Jayne Kingan Nil
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0321(PDF, 530KB) W H McAughtrie Willowburn Station
DDPR RESPONDENT 0322(PDF, 492KB) Sandra Gibson Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0323(PDF, 93KB) Paul Mortimer President North Otago Aero Club
DDPR RESPONDENT 0324(PDF, 93KB) Gary Hawkins Kurow Airstrip Owner
DDPR RESPONDENT 0325(PDF, 2MB) James & Lucianne White Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0326(PDF, 3MB) James White  On behalf of Bryce & Rachel Kane, & Oasis Install Ltd
DDPR RESPONDENT 0327(PDF, 16KB) Peter & Pippa Cleverly Nil
DDPR RESPONDENT 0328(PDF, 25KB) Brad Cadwallader On behalf of Jennifer Rendell (Brookfield Park)
DDPR RESPONDENT 0329(PDF, 126KB) Brad Cadwallader New Zealand Tree Register
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0330(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Brock & Gemma Hamilton
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0331(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Phil & Becky Wilson
DDPR RESPONDENT 0332(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Nathan & Kirsty McLachlan
DDPR RESPONDENT 0333(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Derek Chalmers
DDPR RESPONDENT 0334(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Peter & Janine Stackhouse
DDPR RESPONDENT 0335(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Barry Matthews
DDPR RESPONDENT 0336(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Kelvin Weir
DDPR RESPONDENT 0337(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Grant & Melissa Duff
DDPR RESPONDENT 0338(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Ross & Ann Marie Elliot
 DDPR RESPONDENT 0339(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Andrew McCulloch
DDPR RESPONDENT 0340(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Terry Conlan
DDPR RESPONDENT 0341(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Grant Neal
DDPR RESPONDENT 0342(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Joseph Paton
DDPR RESPONDENT 0343(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Andrew McEwan
DDPR RESPONDENT 0344(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Otto Dogteram
DDPR RESPONDENT 0345(PDF, 565KB)  Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Micheal Simpson
DDPR RESPONDENT 0346(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Borst Holdings
DDPR RESPONDENT 0347(PDF, 565KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Henry Metheson
DDPR RESPONDENT 0348(PDF, 377KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Calder Stewart
DDPR RESPONDENT 0349(PDF, 355KB) Morgan Ramsay On behalf of Nigel de Geest

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