Pre-election Report 2022

On 8 October 2022 you will have the opportunity to shape the future of your community, your district and your Council. Our Pre-election Report informs voters and potential candidates of the key issues, opportunities and challenges facing Waitaki, ahead of this year’s Local Government elections. It also summarises our finances and how we fund our projects, services and facilities.

Pre-election Report 2022

Who is this report for?

You. It’s for people thinking of standing as an elected member to represent their community, voters, residents and anyone who wants to be more informed about where we’re at as a district.

Why has this report been prepared?

Because it’s important. We want both voters and potential candidates to know what’s planned for Waitaki, what some of the key issues are, the challenges we face and the opportunities for Waitaki.  We want to hear candidates’ ideas and thoughts on the matters we have outlined.  

There is a legislative requirement of the Local Government Act 2002 requiring each Council to prepare a Pre-election report. This report has been prepared by the Chief Executive independently of the Mayor and Councillors.

Read the report

If you are considering standing for Waitaki District Council, or preparing to vote, there are some important things in this report that we want you to know about and consider.

Read the Pre-election Report 2022(PDF, 6MB)