Project Reclaim

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About the project 

Coastal Waitaki is home to three historical coastal contaminated land sites which are in danger of slipping into the sea. Waitaki District Council is working responding and acting now to avoid a potential environmental disaster.

There are two fly tipping (illegal dumping) sites on Beach Rd near Awamoa Rd, and the Hampden Closed landfill. The waste from these sites can be received at the Waitaki District Council Palmerston Landfill which is due to close in August 2027 once the consent expires.

Cleaning up landfill waste from beaches is vital to protect our environment and promote a sustainable future. Removing harmful waste materials and disposing of them properly is urgent and requires immediate action from individuals, communities, local and central governments.

This webpage is to keep you up to date with everything Project Reclaim - join us on this important project