— April 2022
Annual Plan engagement period including landfill and dumping issues as a key issue: waitaki-district-council-annual-plan-2022-23.pdf(PDF, 15MB)
— November 2022
Project Team is activated
— January 2023
RFP is advised and engagement commences
— From August 2023
Professional services design Beach Road, Hampden and Palmerston
— November 2023
Palmerston landfill closed to the public and site works begin to create cell to receive remediated material from Beach Rd and Hampden sites.
— From March 2024
Beach Rd site one, removal of material to Palmerston cell
— From June 2024
Beach Rd site two, removal of material to Palmerston cell
— From July 2024
Hampden site, removal of material to Palmerston cell
— Aug 2024 - Aug 2025
Palmerston Development works and operation. Beach Rd and Hampden Remediation works completed by August 2025 (neg)
— From August 2025
Ongoing Palmerston Operation and Development works disposal of contractor controlled tonnes and council controlled tonnes.
— August 2027
Consent for Palmerston Landfill expires and landfill closes. Palmerston closure works from August 2027