Instalment penalties

A penalty of 10% will be added to each instalment or any portion of it not paid on or before the due date.

Arrears penalties

Under Section 58 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002, a 10% penalty will be added on 5 July 2023 to rates that remain unpaid from previous years. A further 10% will be added on 5 January 2024 to rates that remain unpaid on that date.

Can I get any penalties remitted?

The council may, where it considers the reasons justified, and on a 'one-off' basis, remit penalty charges that have been incurred by any ratepayers as a consequence of their payment being received after the due date.

To qualify for a penalty remission you must have previously had a satisfactory rates payment history. Council will only consider remitting a penalty a number of specific circumstances apply. These are outlined in our Sundry Rating Policy.

If you feel you qualify for a penalty remission, you must apply to Council in writing by downloading the application below.

Please send your written application to: Chief Financial Officer, Waitaki District Council P.O Box 50058 Oamaru 9444 .

Please note: An incorrect postal address is not considered to be a valid reason to get your penalties remitted. To change your contact details in our database, please complete the application form below.

Can I pay my current instalment, if I have rates outstanding?

No. Outstanding rates and penalties must be paid first. You cannot pay off new rates until you have paid any outstanding charges, as all payments are applied to the oldest debt first.