General information

Who pays rates?

The person named as the 'ratepayer' in Council's Rating Information Database and District Valuation Roll is responsible for paying the rates. Usually this means the owner of the property pays the rates, but anyone can make a rates payment on a property. The property owner is ultimately responsible for any outstanding payments or any penalties applied.

This is in accordance with the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

Availability of rates information

Council holds information in its Rating Information Database on rateable properties and their owner/occupiers as part of its rating process.

Anyone can search Council's Rating Information Database using the property address, valuation reference, or rates assessment number. The information that is accessible to the public includes:

  • Property street address information
  • Name and postal address of the property owner
  • Annual rates for the property
  • Land and capital value of the property
  • Please note : No financial details are included - such as payments, arrears etc.

Note: Council does not undertake property searches on anyone's behalf. There is a computer available for this purpose in the foyer of our Oamaru office.

Property owners can request that Council withhold their name and postal address information from this public database. Please print out and complete the form below and return to council to request suppression of your name and/or postal address information.


Public Access to Name and Postal Addresses of Ratepayers: The Waitaki District Council holds information from the Ratepayer as part of its rating process. In accordance with Section 28 C of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002, a Ratepayer can request to have their name and/or their postal address withheld from the Rating Information Database (RID). Every Ratepayer has the right to request that this information be withheld, but this request must be in writing. This can be done through the form "Name Suppression Request". The RID is regularly maintained and therefore is subject to ongoing change. This information is provided under Section 28 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 as an online representation of our Rating Information Database (RID). The Council Rating Information Database (RID) is freely available to the public at Waitaki District Council, in the same form as is available here. The information presented here is current. This information is made available in good faith but its accuracy is not guaranteed. Waitaki District Council accepts no liability for any error.

Change of postal address

If you have recently changed your postal address, please print out and complete the form below so your details can be updated on the Rates Information Database . All change of address requests must be in writing. Council will not take any responsibility for any penalties incurred if a change of address has not been submitted in writing.

How do I find the amount I owe in rates ?

If you have misplaced your rates invoice and do not know the amount you owe in rates, please contact us and we will arrange to have a copy of the invoice sent to you. Please note it will only be sent to you if you are the named ratepayer for the property.

If you want to change your address, please print out and complete the form Request for Change of Address. (Please return to Council)

If you require other information regarding your rates account, you will need to contact our customer contact team. We are unable to give out financial information over the phone.

Please note: You will need to provide your name, address, and a rates assessment number.

Rates refund policy

We will only make a refund in any of the following circumstances:

  • Rates have been fully paid for the rating year and are in credit for the next rating year, or
  • Payment has been made into an incorrect account and the other party has consented to a refund, or
  • A property is sold and a rate refund is requested by both the buyer and seller, or
  • When in view of the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer extraordinary circumstances exist, particularly in relation to hardship, and the account is in credit on an instalment basis.
  • Only one refund per ratepayer per year will be made.
  • When a property is owned by multiple people, multiple signatures are required on the refund form.
  • Rates Refund Application(PDF, 69KB)