Useful information

The 1 hr free parking will continue for all ‘Pay and Display’ parking areas until further notice. Usual restrictions apply to all limited time parks, disability parks, loading zones etc.

Restricted parking

Parking in these areas is allowed for the number of minutes shown. The restriction applies from 8am to 6pm each day on days other than Public Holidays unless specified on the sign or a supplementary sign.

Mobility Parking

You may only park in areas marked with this sign if you, or someone in your vehicle has a mobility permit issued by CCS New Zealand.  They allow parking for free in areas marked as Disability parks. In areas marked P30 and longer the allowable time is doubled.  In Pay and Display areas the cardholder pays for the first hour with the second hour free.

Find more information about Mobility Parking

Some other places you may not park

  • On a bus stop or taxi stand
  • On any footpath
  • On or closer than 50cm from a fire hydrant unless there is someone in the car able to move it if necessary
  • On the right hand side of the road except in a one way street
  • On or within six metres of an intersection
  • On or less than six metres from the approach side of a pedestrian crossing
  • Alongside another vehicle, ie you must not double park
  • In front of or closer than one metre from a vehicle entrance
  • Where traffic signs say you must not stop or park
  • Near a corner, curve, hill, traffic island or intersection if it will stop other people from seeing along the roadway
  • On ‘No Stopping’ lines (broken yellow lines) marked within one metre of the road edge, which you may see near pedestrian crossings, intersections, driveways or narrow roads