General Information

The Slipway

If you wish to use the slipway, you will need to complete the application form below and submit it to Council. All enquiries regarding the use of the harbour slipway can be made to Council by calling 03 433 0300.

Agreement for Use of Oamaru Harbour Slipway 2020(PDF, 164KB)(PDF, 164KB)

Slipway fees

Please refer to our Oamaru Harbour Fee page for current prices.

All fees (winch fees and daily fees) must be paid before the vessel is released from the slipway. 




The breakwater

Due to resource consent conditions currently public access to the breakwater is prohibited.



Council operates the moorings in the Oamaru Harbour. Currently there are no moorings available for lease, however, there is a waiting list which you can join. Please contact us on 03 433 0300 if you would like to make an enquiry regarding moorings.

When a mooring becomes available, the longest standing applicants on the waiting list will need to complete the Agreement to Moor Vessel form.

A visitors' berth is provided for short duration stay. There is a daily fee for this which can be viewed in Oamaru Harbour Fee page


Leasing harbour land (adjacent to Scott's Brewery)

You can make a booking to use the land adjacent to Scott’s Brewery by completing the application form below. An aerial photograph of the area available for use is included on the form.

The fee charged for use of this area depends on how it will be used and will be determined prior to the event. Please contact us on 03 433 0300 if you would like to discuss this further.