Contractor Requirements

If you are wanting to be a contractor for Waitaki District Council, we require you to be SiteWise-assessed and approved as a minimum starting point, or have a Council-approved equivalent health and safety pre-qualification. 

There are additional requirements when working in specific areas of our business. Once you have registered as a SiteWise contractor you can contact the relevant Unit Manager for the area that you are wanting to work across, eg. Roading, Property Maintenance, to discuss the associated requirements.

Note: Once Sitewise-assessed and approved this will make you a preferred Council contractor, but this is not a guarantee of work as you will still have to meet price, quality, resources, experience and availability considerations and reporting requirements.

For tender work, a minimum Sitewise assessment score is set out in the documents in order to be able to tender for that work. Typically it is 70-75%, depending on the work and the risks associated with it.


There are some restricted exemption grounds for particular jobs and task types, but Council policy requires us to keep progressing contractors towards becoming Sitewise-assessed and approved, or stop using them, unless they have an exemption because they hold a current Council-approved Exemption under category C or D below. 

  • Category A 
    Remote service, goods supplier, trainers, some consultants (desk/office/non-field)
  • Category B
    Field consultants (non-physical, accompanied by a WDC officer)
  • Category C
    Other pre-qualification system accepted by WDC (permanent exemption, providing we hold a copy of their current certification). We note them as EXEMPT on the Sitewise Register, e.g., IMPAC, ISO, ISN, SafeTree, Telarc.
  • Category D
    Specialist knowledge/infrastructure experience/artisan skills



Please contact 03 433 0300 and ask to speak to the relevant Unit Manager.