Council Committees

Committees in the Waitaki District Council are set up to deal with specialised local issues. Councillors are appointed to committees and make decisions regarding their areas.

The Mayor is a member of all committees with full voting rights [LGA 41A(5)].

The Committee structure for Waitaki District Council for the 2019 – 2022 Triennium is provided below.

It was adopted initially at the 30 October 2019 First Council Meeting of the Triennium.

It was subsequently amended and the revised version adopted on 18 February 2020, 27 April 2021 and 21 December 2021.


Council's Committee Structure for 2019 - 2022

Committees Chairperson Members
Assets Committee (AC)

Cr Bill Kingan

Mayor Gary Kircher
(Associate Chair – Property, Events Centre)

Cr Jeremy Holding, Cr Guy Percival, Cr Jim Thomson, Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale, Cr Kelli Williams, and Cr Colin Wollstein

Community, Culture and Regulatory Committee (CCR)

Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale

Cr Jim Hopkins
(Associate Chair – District PlanReview)

Cr Hana Halalele
(Associate Chair – Community Development)

Cr Kelli Williams, Cr Jim Thomson, and Mayor Gary Kircher

Performance, Audit and Risk Committee (PAR) Cr Colin Wollstein Cr Jeremy Holding
(Associate Chair – Information Services)

Cr Hana Halalele, Cr Jim Hopkins, Cr Bill Kingan, Cr Guy Percival, Mayor Gary Kircher, and Mr Simon Neale (Independent Member)
Executive Committee (EC)

Mayor Gary Kircher

Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale
(Associate Chair– Economic Development)

Cr Bill Kingan, Cr Kelli Williams, and Cr Colin Wollstein

Harbour Area Committee (HAC)

Mayor Gary Kircher

Cr Jeremy Holding
(Associate Chair – Cape Wanbrow)

Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale, Cr Kelli Williams, and Cr Colin Wollstein

and Mr Graeme Clark, Dr Philippa Agnew, Mr Kevin Murdoch, and Mr George Kelcher (all community representatives)

Grants and Awards Committee (GAC) Cr Jeremy Holding Cr Hana Halalele
(Associate Chair – Creative Communities, Sport Travel)

All Councillors and Community Board Chairs (appropriate number of Councillors rostered to each funding round annually)

Appointed community members as required

Development Contributions Committee (DC)

Cr Guy Percival

Cr Kelli Williams (Associate Chair)

Cr Jim Thomson (Associate Chair)

Cr Bill Kingan, and Cr Colin Wollstein

Hearings Committee (HC)

Cr Jim Hopkins

Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale (Associate Chair)

District Licensing Committee “A” (DLC) Cr Jim Hopkins

Cr Kelli Williams (Associate Chair)

Mr Barry McKenzie and Dr Julia Sutherland (community representatives)

Communications Portfolio Mayor Gary Kircher

Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale

Cr Jim Hopkins


External and JointCommittees, Trusts Representatives
Community Board Councillors (Legislated)

Cr Jim Thomson – Waihemo
[vacancy] Cr Bill Kingan and Cr Colin Wollstein appointed as 'buddy Councillors' from 30 November 2021 for the remainder of the triennium – Ahuriri 

Waitaki District Youth Council Cr Hana Halalele
Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale
Lower Waitaki Zone Committee Cr Jim Hopkins
Upper Waitaki Zone Committee [vacancy]
Otago Regional Land Transport Committee
Cr Guy Percival
Waitaki Housing Taskforce Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale
Alps 2 Ocean Joint Committee
Cr Colin Wollstein and Mayor Gary Kircher
Observatory Retirement Village Trust Mayor Gary Kircher
Oamaru Whitestone Civic Trust No elected member appointment
Emergency Management (Legislated) Mayor Gary Kircher
Otago Mayoral Forum (Legislated) Mayor Gary Kircher
Canterbury Mayoral Forum (Legislated) Mayor Gary Kircher
Waitaki Community Recreation Centre Trust Cr Jeremy Holding
Donald and Nellye Malcolm Trust

Mayor Gary Kircher
Cr Jeremy Holding

Macraes Community DevelopmentTrust Cr Jim Thomson
Waitaki Whitestone Geopark Trust Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale