Forestry Activities

National Environmental Standard (NES) Plantation Forestry Regulations 2017

The National Environmental Standard (NES) Plantation Forestry Regulations 2017 take effect from 1 May 2018. From this date onwards, the provisions of the NES will take precedent over the District Plan. The NES applies to afforestation, harvesting, replanting, all associated earthworks, forestry quarrying, mechanical land preparation, and associated indigenous and non-indigenous vegetation clearance.

The NES provisions do not apply to:

  • Urban areas eg. those zoned residential, township, business
  • Non-commercial forests
  • Forests less than 1 hectare
  • Forests not for harvesting / replanting
  • Shelter belts
  • Nurseries
  • Seed orchards or trees grown for fruit or nut
  • Long-term ecological restoration plantings
  • Willows and poplars space planted for soil conservation purposes
  • Vegetation clearance prior to afforestation
  • Timber and milling proce ssing
  • Agrichemical use
  • Gravel extraction from beds of river
  • Logging truck movements on public roads

For all written notices of plantation forestry activities, please send emails to

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