Opening hours and charges

Normal public opening hours

  • Monday to Friday:               6am to 7pm
  • Saturday and Sunday:        9am to 6pm
  • Public Holidays:                  10am to 6pm     

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Please refer to fees and charges for current prices.

Swimming Policies

 Our Child Supervision Policies in accordance with our Poolsafe NZ accreditation: 

Children under 5 years of age

  • Any child under 5 years of age MUST be supervised by a caregiver 16 years of age or older.
  • The caregiver MUST also be in the water with the child AND be within arm’s reach of the child at all times

Children under 8 years of age

  • Any child under the age of 8 years of age MUST be actively supervised by a caregiver who is at least 16 years of age.
  • Actively supervised means watching your child at all times, and being able to provide immediate assistance to them if required.

Please note: The minimum age for an adult/caregiver with children under 8 is 16 years of age. The adult-to-child ratio for public swimming is 1 adult/caregiver to 2 children under 8.

Aquatic pool alone policy