Water supplies and use of water

We provide a clean, safe and reliable water supply to approximately 95% of the district's population through 15 separate water supplies. We are committed to providing all consumers with an affordable, reliable supply of water that meets the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards. Water is delivered to consumers in two different ways - On-Demand and Restricted.

On-Demand - this type of supply delivers water directly to the consumer from the point of supply, whenever they need it.

Restricted - this type of supply delivers a pre-determined amount of water to the consumer’s supply tank over a 24-hour period (through a restrictor).

The type of supply you have (or will get) depends on factors such as:

  • whether you live in an area where the supply is typically an On-Demand or Restricted supply
  • what you use the water for - ie ordinary or extraordinary
  • whether you live in a ‘limited reticulation capacity’ area
  • whether providing you with an on-demand supply would have a negative impact on other consumers.