Ordinary and extra ordinary use

There are many different ways to use water – some impact more on the supply than others, which is why wel supply water in different ways. Council categorises water use as being either ordinary or extraordinary. This helps to determine what sort of supply is provided to consumers.

Ordinary use

Ordinary use of the water supply is for single dwelling domestic household use – and includes:

  • Washing down a car, boat or similar
  • Garden watering by hand
  • Garden watering by portable sprinkler
  • Lawn watering by hand
  • Lawn watering by portable domestic sprinkler

Extraordinary use

Extraordinary use is anything over and above ordinary domestic use, and also includes lifestyle blocks and businesses. Extraordinary use of water usually supplied to consumers as a Restricted supply. In some cases, an On-Demand supply can be provided for extraordinary use, but a meter is installed so extra water used can be charged for.

Extraordinary use includes any one or more of the following types of water use:

  • Swimming pool in excess of 50m3
  • Spa pool, water feature, pond or water storage in excess of 10m3 capacity
  • Commercial and business
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Horticultural
  • Viticultural
  • Lifestyle block
  • Fire protection systems
  • Out of District (supply to, or within another local authority)
  • Temporary supply
  • Premise exceeds 1 hectare
  • Lodging or accommodation houses
  • Multiple dwelling units
  • High instantaneous draw off rates
  • Any device or use requiring specific approval from the Council
  • Any premises where part or all of the premises is not zoned residential in the Council’s operative or transitional District Plan
  • Daily usage assessed by the Manager as being in excess of 1m3
  • Any supply area defined by resolution of the Council

For more information the conditions of supply for both ordinary and extraordinary use of water, see section 9.5 of our Water Supply Bylaw.