Planning and Resource Consents

  • The Resource Management Act 1991 (the RMA) (Section 36) allows extra fees to cover actual and reasonable costs if the Deposit is inadequate.  If the total cost to process an application exceeds the Deposit, additional fees will be charged. The Council will refund part of the Deposit if the work required to process the application is less than expected.
  • The Deposit must accompany the application. 
  • Discounts will be allowed on charges for applications for resource consent and applications to change or cancel conditions if these are not processed within statutory timeframes. Such discounts will be in accordance with the Regulations to the RMA.
Planning Services Basis for charge 2022/23 charges (incl GST)
Notified Resource Consent

Land-use Per application - deposit* 6,000.00
Subdivision Per application - deposit* 6,000.00
Limited Notified Consent

Land Use Per application - deposit* 4,000.00
Subdivision Per application - deposit* 4,000.00
Non-notified Resource Consent

Land-use Per application - deposit* 1,200.00
Land-use - bulk and location with written approvals Per application - deposit*  400.00 
Subdivision Per application - deposit* 1200.00
Sundry Certification

Miscellaneous Certification Per certificate - deposit* 150.00
Section 87BA & BB Notices Per certificate - fixed fee 500.00
Section 139 Certificate of Compliance/ Existing Use Rights Certificate Per application - deposit* 800.00
Section 223 Certificate Per certificate - deposit* 150.00
Section 224 Certificate Per certificate - deposit* 350.00
Section 226 Certificate Per certificate - deposit* 400.00
Post-consent procedures

Section 125 extension of time for land use consent Per consent - deposit* 300.00
Section127 change/cancel consent conditions Per consent - deposit* 800.00
Section135 Compliance monitoring Per consent - base fee $130, plus $130 per hour after the first hour* 130.00
Section138 surrender of consent
No fee
Section 357 Objection to consent conditions Per consent - deposit* 400.00
Plan change Per application -deposit* 20,000.00
Designation or Heritage order

Requirement - Notified Per designation/order - deposit* 6,000.00
Requirement - Non notified Per designation/order - deposit* 800.00
Extension of time to a designation Per designation/order - deposit* 800.00
Variation Per Outline Plan - deposit* 800.00
Removal Per Outline Plan - deposit* 100.00
Section176a Outline Plan Per Outline Plan - deposit* 500.00
Waiver of Outline Plan Per Outline Plan - deposit* 300.00

* There is a threshold either side of the final cost whereby if the amount to be refunded or recovered is less than $100 it will be absorbed to cover the processing cost.