Animal Control

Note: All fees are inclusive of GST. Dogs should be registered by 1 July each year. Late penalty fees apply from 31 July each year.
 Category  Details 2022/23 charges (incl GST)
Dog registration - category fees Working dogs, per dog 21.00
Non-working dogs, per dog 70.00
Neutered non-working dog 56.00
Selected owner dogs, per dog 28.00
Farm pet dogs, per dog 21.00
Disability Assist dog No fee
Dog registration Probationary owner dogs Category fee plus 50%
Dog registration Dangerous dogs Category fee plus 50%
Late registration penalty Dog registration fee plus 50%
Selected Owner/Multiple Dog Permit Application and assessment 35.00
Reassessment 20.00
Adoption Fee Application and assessment 165.00
Replacement tag 10.00
New tag Dog from another district/Change of owner (For a dog that is currently registered) No Fee
Dog Impounding First offence - registered dog 50.00
First offence - unregistered dog 120.00
Second offence 100.00
Third offence 135.00
Seizure and custody 65.00
Sustenance per day 15.00
Destruction fee 60.00
Livestock Impounding Fee $50 per animal plus $85 per hour for time taken to contain animal(s) 50.00
Sustenance per day (if required) 10.00