Rating units with multiple parts

What is a rating unit ?

Council charges rates per rating unit.

A rating unit is most commonly a portion land with a separate certificate of title (although land without a certificate of title may still be a rating unit in some cases). The "rule of thumb" is that one certificate of title creates one rating unit (although there are some exceptions to this as well). More information about how rating units are determined is available in the Rating Valuations Act 1998. Each rating unit is issued with its own Rating Assessment Number by Council. If you:

  • own a single property with multiple rating units, or
  • own multiple rating units around the district

you will receive a separate remittance advice for each of rating unit, each with its own Rates Assessment Number on it.

Paying rates when you own multiple properties (rating units)

Why you must take extra care when paying invoices for multiple rating units

If you have property made up of multiple rating units, or you own multiple rating units around the district, you will need to ensure you identify each of the rating units when you make payment. If we can't identify the different Assessment Numbers a payment is for, it may all go on one rating unit only, meaning you will be in arrears for the other units we can't identify. To assist us in ensuring payments are correctly processed please note the following:

  • If paying by cash, please attach all of the remittance advice pages to the payment.
  • If paying by bank transfer or automatic payment, you will need to make a payment for each remittance advice, and check both the amounts and references on the payments (the instructions for paying your rates this way are on the back of you remittance advice).

( Note: If you have a direct debit set up with us, this will all be adjusted and processed automatically).

We will endeavour to contact you if an issue is identified with payment. However, it is still your responsibility to ensure payments are made in full by the due date.