Using the Airport

The airport is available for general use. Landing fees are payable for all runways.

Oamaru Airport Health and Safety Management Plan(PDF, 885KB)

Facilities available at the airport include:

  • GOFUEL Air Stop: AVGAS access via GoFuel Card – at Aero Club.
  • Air BP Jet A1 – access via BP swipecard at the terminal apron.
  • Fire extinguishers located at the fuel sites.
  • Please note the gates to the airport may be locked outside business hours.

Please contact the Property Department for non-aeronautical use of the airport:

Drone permits

You cannot fly a drone (or film using a drone) within the Oamaru Airport property or within 4 kilometre radius of the Oamaru Airport without a permit.

The permit is free to obtain and sets out the special conditions you need to comply with. You can apply for a permit and view the conditions by completing the following application.

We advise people to always read the rules in full, along with the relevant advisory circulars on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website before using a drone within 4 kilometre radius of the airport.