Community Boards

Community board map We have two community boards in Waitaki – one in Waihemo and one in Ahuriri - to help represent and advise Council on community views.

They sometimes carry out delegated Council service delivery or regulatory responsibilities.

The role of each community board includes:

  • representing the interests of its community
  • considering and reporting on matters referred to it by the council, of interest or concern
  • maintaining an overview of council services to the community
  • preparing an annual submission to the council for expenditure within the community
  • communicating with community organisations and special interest groups
  • undertaking any other responsibilities that are delegated to it by the council. Community boards will at their first meetings appoint chairpersons and deputies.

Elected at the same time as Council, each community board consists of five elected members and one Councillor (the relevant Ward Councillor) appointed by Council. Voters living in the residential and the commercial areas of Ahuriri and Waihemo are able to vote for their community board members.