Water leaks

Who fixes water leaks on your property depends on where the leak is.

Council owns the pipework up to, and including, the service valve (toby), restrictor or meter on a property - we are not responsible for any pipes or fittings beyond the point of supply which go to your house, tank or other buildings or structures.

If you find any leaks on pipes or fittings that are on your side of the point of supply, please contact your plumber.

If you see water leaking from a hydrant, a toby (your main water service valve) or anywhere else that is not on your property or your side of the point of supply, contact the Council on 433 0300. We will arrange for it to be repaired and paid for.

When leaks become a problem

There is a cost for sourcing and treating water and pumping it to consumers, which is paid for by everyone’s rates. Water leaks can waste a lot of water and can sometimes be a nuisance to neighbours.

If you have an ongoing leak on your property that is causing significant water waste and is not repaired, you may be breaching Council’s Water Supply Bylaw.