Protecting and maintaining water pipes and fittings

You must protect Council-owned water supply pipes and fittings on your property from accidental damage and tampering.


Although Council owns the pipes and water service valve (toby) - or where fitted, the filter, restrictor or water meter – up to the point of supply, property owners are responsible for protecting these from accidental damage and tampering. This includes protecting exposed pipes and restrictors from frost damage. If these pipes and fittings are damaged through negligence or lack of protection, or because they have been tampered with, property owners must pay for repairs.

It’s also important to make sure Council pipes aren’t damaged when digging around your property. There is more information about this under Digging around buried services. Council’s Water Supply Bylaw sets out responsibilities for care and protection of the water supply, and how incidences of accidental or wilful damage are dealt with.


Property owners are responsible for maintaining the water supply pipe, fittings, storage tanks and any other water supply pipes and accessories beyond the point of supply.

A note for rural property buyers

If you have bought a property with a restricted supply you need to ensure the restrictor has not been damaged or tampered with in any way.

As the new property owner, you may be liable for the costs of putting things right and repairing any damage that has resulted from prior tampering or negligence. If you are unsure of what to look for, call us on 03 433 0300.