Relocating the point of supply

If you move the point of supply on your property, you need to make an application for a new connection.

We treat relocated points of supply as new connections for a number of reasons, including

  • Relocating the point of supply on one property can have an impact of the rest of the supply network – for example, it can change the pressure requirements
  • It can cause confusion and rating mix-ups if there are separate titles on properties. Sometimes when people relocate the point of supply on a farm, it may go to another property title (or to an area than may be subdivided in the future). If Council is not made aware of the changes and is not able to record them for rating purposes, it can mean the water rates are charged to the wrong person.
  • In some instances property purchasers may believe they have a water connection on their property, when it fact it has been previously moved by the former owner to another location that is not included in the title/titles they have been purchased by the new owner.
  • In other instances, if Council is not aware of changes to points of supply, property purchasers may assume there is water supplied to the property.