Preventing frost damage

Heavy frosts can damage water supply fittings and cause water pipes to freeze. All property owners need to protect exposed Council-owned water supply pipes and fittings on their property from frost damage. If these haven’t been adequately protected and get damaged by frost, you may have to pay for repairs.

How to lag outside water pipes

To lag your pipes you will need foam tubes to match the size of your pipes (available from DIY stores), and adhesive tape or cable ties to hold them in place. Wrap the pipe in the foam tubes, joining them where they meet, then use tape or cable ties to hold them in place. To get around the corners, cut your foam tube at 45 degree angles. If the pipes in your home freeze and burst:

  • Turn off your water supply at the street. If you can't, contact your plumber.
  • Phone your insurance company if there is water damage as they will advise exactly what you should do.
  • Call your plumber in to undertake repairs, but talk to your insurer about this first.
  • If water is leaking out of the ceiling or the walls, turn off your electricity at the meter box. Call your electrician immediately.
  • Open all doors and windows where practical to allow your property to dry.
  • Protect personal possessions and documents.