Organise events

If you plan to hold an event in a public space or in some cases on private property, you will need to apply for permits and consents from Council depending on the type and size of your event. Make sure you allow enough time to lodge and have your application approved before your event.

Permits you may need

Are you selling or providing food?

If yes, you need a food license. Each food stall operator needs to fill in an application form and lodge it at least 20 working days before the event.

For more information, including fundraising events and application form please go to the Food and Environmental Health page.

Are you selling or providing alcohol?

If yes, you need to apply for a Special Licence at least 20 working days before the event. Please go to the Alcohol Licensing page for more information.

Will your event be on Council land?

Council land includes public parks, sports grounds, reserves, or other public open space. You will need to complete a booking form. Do this early to check if the space is available. For more information, including the booking form:

If your event will disrupt traffic, or you need part of a road closed then you need a consent. Events include parades, markets and cycling events. A Temporary Road Closure application form needs to be lodged at least 55 days before the event. For more information including the application form please go to the Roads and footpaths page.

Will your event affect traffic and pedestrians?

If your event will disrupt traffic and/or pedestrians, you will need to submit a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for approval. For more information go to the Traffic Management Plan page.

Will you be digging in the road reserve?

The road reserve includes the road, footpath, berm and grassed area. Complete a Corridor Access Request form and lodge it at least 15 days before you plan to dig. For more information including the application form please go to the Corridor Access Request page.

Will you need resource consent?

If the event is not a permitted activity in the District Plan, then a resource consent may be required. For more information please go to the Resource Consents page.

Any temporary signage?

Temporary signs for community, educational and recreational events are permitted provided that the signs do not exceed 3m2 in area and are not erected more than three months prior to the date of the commencement of the activity. A resource consent will be required for all other signage. Please contact our planning staff to discuss options and requirements for event signage.

Any fire or fireworks?

You may need to obtain a fire permit if you intend to have an open fire. For information on applying for a fire permit please go to the Fire Permits page.

Any temporary structures?

A Building Consent will be required for some temporary structures such as a marquee over 100m2, a platform or stage over 1.4m high. Please complete the Application Form for Building Consent (Form 2) (PDF, 461KB) and apply online via Simpli website.

Any amusement devices?

If you're planning to operate an amusement device such as a merry-go-round, you need a permit. An application form can be found on our Forms and Applications page. For more information about operating the device safely please visit the Work safe website.

Please note: All structures at events are checked for fire safety requirements.

Any water activities on a beach or river?

If yes, you need to provide safety measures. Please talk to our friendly staff on 03 433 0300.

Need more advice?

Talk to us early in your planning stages. We can guide you on the consents and permits you may require. Email your questions to