Corridor Access Request

The road corridor is any urban street or rural road, from boundary to boundary, encompassing the road, footpath formation and the berm. A Corridor Access Request (formerly known as a Road Opening Notice) is needed to carry out work within the road corridor as required under the Utilities Act 2010.

A Corridor Access Request is a permit from Council to carry out works within the public road. It is required to ensure all work sites on roads are as safe as possible for workers, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists or anyone planning to dig up part of the road as part of a project.

Which activities need a permit?

A Corridor Access Request (CAR) is required for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Any activity including excavating, drilling, and resurfacing that affects the surface of any part of the road corridor
  • The placement of any pipe, duct, pole, cabinet or other structure within the road reserve
  • Drainage work including stormwater, water or wastewater pipes
  • Services including gas, power, cables, trenches, cabinets, and poles

When does a CAR need to be submitted?

A CAR is to be submitted to Council at least five working days before an operator intends to start minor works or at least 15 working days before major works and project works. A CAR also needs to be submitted to Council following retrospective works. (See below for definitions.)

What does the CAR process involve?

The flowchart below outlines the process. It is important to note that CAR applications may require additional information before they can be approved.

Corridor Access Request


Project works - works that exceed 21 days from establishment to final reinstatement.

Major works - works involving an excavation of greater than 1m2 and taking less than 21 days from establishment to final reinstatement.

Minor works - domestic service connections and/or works of up to 1m2 that do not disrupt pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Retrospective works - notification of minor or emergency works that have taken place within the past seven days.

Utility Operator - controlling agent of utility being installed.

Temporary Traffic Management Plan

A Traffic Management Plan will also need to be submitted when applying for a Corridor Access Request. This can be done at the same time as the application. To find out more please visit Temporary Traffic Management Plan page.

How to Apply for a Corridor Access Request

From 1 July 2019 all Corridor Access Requests must be made through Submitica at

Quick and easy to use, Submitica is an online application for utility operators and individuals to submit your Corridor Access Request Applications. We’re happy to give a demonstration in person.

On the Submitica website, if you're a new user you'll need to set up an account and login. Once you have set up your Submitica user account you can detail and submit your request. On the homepage, click ‘create new application' - then complete your application using the dropdown boxes and fill-in fields.

No fees are associated with your usage of Submitica, however Council’s fees and charges apply to the CAR.

As part of the introduction of New Fees & Charges for processing Corridor Access Requests from 1 July 2019, Council is waiving all fees for the first month until 1 August 2019. After that, check out the Roading fees and Charges for the cost of applying for a Corridor Access Request.