Stock crossing

For many dairy farmers, the regular crossing of cattle / stock across public roads is vital to the management of their farming operation. Dairying is a significant activity carried out in the district making a significant contribution towards the district and regional economies.

The movement of cattle / stock across both sealed and unsealed roads can have an impact on safety of road users and damage to the road surface. Here is some information you need to know about stock crossing.

Is a permit required?

Yes, a permit is required for the frequent movement of stock (more than once a month) including but not limited to stock crossing any road. You will need to complete a Stock Crossing Application(PDF, 113KB) .

A permit is not required in the case of emergency or escape. In the case of an emergency the owner shall take adequate steps to ensure that other people using the road are warned of the presence of stock on the road by using hazard lights or other warning devices.

You won't need a permit if you are only infrequently moving (once a month or less)your stock across a road during the hours of daylight. However, you will need to make sure a person, animal or appropriate signage is clearly visible at a distance of 120 metres from either direction, and comply with the general conditions for stock management under our Roading Bylaw.

Stock movement options

The assessment criteria for considering stock movement options are briefly described in our Code of Practice for Stock Crossing(PDF, 669KB). The assessment may require the installation of a stock underpass if a level crossing is not appropriate. The appropriateness of the different options will relate to the location and circumstances of the crossing.

Level crossings

A level crossing is a stock crossing where animals are able to walk directly across the road formation, typically from one part of the farm to another. Level crossings are usually for the movement of milking stock. In general, if crossing occurs rarely (less than once per month) the stock droving rules apply, while regular crossing (one to forty crossings per month) requires a permit.

Stock underpasses

A stock underpass allows road users to travel along the road safely, while allowing stock and farmers to get to the other side of the road unhindered. A stock underpass is a considerable structure that requires on-going management. There is a combination of approval processes required to build an underpass so applicants are reminded to allow sufficient time for each application and approval process.

Stock droving

If you are moving stock along a road in the Waitaki district, or across a road, it is paramount to ensure your safety, that of your stock and of course the safety of other road users. For more information please go to stock droving page.