Stock droving

If you are moving stock along or across a road in the Waitaki district, it is paramount to ensure the safety of you, your stock and other road users. This section outlines what you need to know about stock droving.

Do I need a permit ?

Yes, a permit is required for all stock droving that is not regarded as an emergency or escape.

Why do I need a permit?

  • Safety – for all road users, including drovers, drivers and stock
  • To limit damage to roads and drainage
  • To assist with droving co-ordination

Do I have to pay for a permit?

No. The application fee for stock droving is waived by us.

What does a stock droving permit cover?

  • Grants permission for the droving of stock on our road network between nominated points.
  • Sets out the appropriate safety requirements for the drover.
  • The permit is only valid for one calendar year.
  • The permit will provide additional safety information/details that may apply to your route, eg any known road works. It will also state any general requirements that the roading engineer may impose on the drove.

What does a stock droving permit NOT cover?

  • The purpose of stock being driven for milking or stock management purposes along or across roads.
  • If the proposed route is on State Highways please contact the New Zealand Transport Agency on 03 951 3009 for information on their requirements.

How to apply for a permit

Download the application form below or request an application form from Council’s Customer Contact Team (03 433 0300 or and we will email or post a form to you. Please submit the completed application to us. Please allow 5 working days for the processing of your permit.

What are the key safety practices for stock droving?

  • All droving must be attended by a competent drover (or multiple drovers of large herds).
  • Never operate during the hours of darkness.
  • Use of rope, string, wire, tape or any other obstruction across the road are not permitted.
  • Operate with the appropriate warning devices, signage, amber flashing lights. It is recommended that drovers wear high visibility garments.
  • At all times consider other road users during the drove.