Overweight and over dimension vehicles

For overweight vehicles, there are strict controls on the overall weight and axle loads of vehicles. If your vehicle exceeds the limits because of the indivisible load that is being carried, or because of the vehicle's design, then an overweight permit is required to be applied for before travel is allowed.

To find out more information about overweight permits :

Application Process

To obtain a overweight permit to travel on our local roads, please complete the application form below and return to us.

Permit processing fee

A permit processing fee shall be charged for each permit application in accordance with the fees prescribed in Schedule 4A of the Regulation 7(1) of the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974 plus disbursements.

Over dimension vehicles

Over dimension permits are issued by the Over Dimension Permit Issuing Agency (OPIA). Freephone on 0800 OVERSIZE (0800 683 774), or fax (06 953 6313). Over dimension vehicle information is available from the New Zealand Transport Agency website.

Restrictions in Oamaru

Network Waitaki have recommended 5.7metres being the maximum load height of any over dimension load that wishes to travel along Saleyards Road.

An alternative route is Lower Thames-Itchen-Severn St-Awamoa Road and this route was used during both closures of Westview Drive to repair the culvert. In response to vehicles using this route, Network Waitaki extended the height of lines for improved clearance.

As always a transport company is required to discuss clearance of overhead structures with Network Waitaki as they also need a permit or standover. 

Roads not recommended for heavy vehicles and trailers

The document below shows the roads in the Waitaki District are not suitable for Heavy Vehicles and Trailers.