Other biodiversity funding

1. For groups and individuals working on private land:

Waitaki District Council Biodiversity Fund

A local fund allocating $30K annually to assist with pest control and fencing on private or customary land in the Waitaki District. Priority is given to areas with high natural values (as opposed to creation of new values through tree planting). Successful applicants must contribute at least half of the total project costs (either in cash, or in kind).

Environment Canterbury Immediate Steps Fund

A regional fund allocating $2M annually to assist with "projects that protect and restore [Canterbury's] biodiversity" on private or customary land. Applications require a management plant to be included, and applications over $10,000 require legal protection (i.e. QEII Covenant). Successful applicants must contribute at least one third of the total project costs (either in cash, or in kind).

Otago Regional Council ECO FUND

Environment. Community. Otago. The ECO Fund has been set up to support work that protects and enhances Otago's environment. Otago Regional Council contributes $250,000.00 every year to the ECO Fund, and this is split into three funding rounds. The ECO Fund supports not only shovel time, but also administrative support. Whether your project is large or small, your application is welcomed.

QEII National Trust

Landowners in the Waitaki who choose to protect their land in perpetuity by creating a covenant will be eligible for subsidised fencing, pest control, and a discounted rates bill through the QEII National Trust.

2. For groups and individuals working on public land:

Meridian Waitaki Community Fund

The Waitaki Community Fund provides grants for projects from Aoraki Mount Cook to Waitaki Bridge that support sustainable community development.

North Otago Tree Planting Association

A local association that subsidises tree planting in the North Otago area. For more contact the group's secretary: C/- G K Plunket, 4 Fernbrook Road, Oamaru.

WWF habitat protection fund

The WWF Habitat Protection Fund supports communities to run projects that conserve and restore New Zealand's natural environment - freshwater, coastal, wetlands, forest and dunelands.

Trustpower Communitycare fund

The CommunityCare Fund assists communities affected by our assets by investing in community-based projects that add real value and benefit to the wider community. The Fund makes one-off grants for projects in communities along the National Grid route, as well as communities affected by new Transpower projects.

Enhanced Access Fund

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission administers a contestable fund to support projects aimed at enhancing access to New Zealand's great outdoors.

Crimson Trees (Tindall Foundation)

Project Crimson supports groups and individuals throughout New Zealand who aspire to create a long-term benefit to their local community through conservation projects involving eco-sourced pohutukawa and northern or southern rata trees.

JS Watson fund

The JS Watson Trust is administered by Forest & Bird. Applications are invited from individuals or conservation groups for financial assistance for conservation projects.

Fonterra Grassroots fund

The fund is open for a wide range of community projects, providing grants of between $500 and $5000. To be considered for support, your initiative or activity must contribute to improving your local environment i.e. riparian planting projects, cleaning up a local park, equipment for looking after the environment, education projects about recycling or the environment.

Sargood Bequest

The Sargood Bequest makes grants to projects and activities in the Children & Youth, Cultural, Sports & Outdoors, Educational and Environmental categories with a focus on Access, Participation and Inspiration.

DOC Community Fund

he fund is directed at practical, on-the-ground projects. These projects will maintain and restore the diversity of our natural heritage and enable more people to participate in recreation, enjoy and learn from our historic places, and engage with and value the benefits of conservation.

NZ game bird habitat trust

The New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust, established under the 1953 Wildlife Act, exists primarily to improve New Zealand game bird habitat and secondarily to improve the habitat of other wildlife.

Mazda Foundation

The Mazda Foundation Trust aims include (but are not limited to) the provision of financial aid to individuals and causes which may qualify for income tax deductibility for gifts and which provide assistance towards the maintenance and improvement of the natural environment.