​​COVID-19 Update:

Updated: 4.30pm 24 March 2020

These will close as of 6pm Tuesday 24 March 2020. People will be able to collect their units before midnight on Wednesday 25 March 2020. Ou​r Camp Manager will endeavour to facilitate collection of units after this date if necessary. Otherwise units may stay on site until it is publically advised that the grounds are open for collection of units again. Lakes Camping Grounds will be monitored during the lock-down period by camping ground staff. PLEASE NOTE Otematata Boat Harbour Camping Ground will remain open for people who legitimately need to be there. They will need to be there FOR FOUR WEEKS and they will need to be SELF-CONTAINED, the public facilities will be shut.  A register will be kept of who is staying at this facility and distancing measures between sites will be enforced.

Duntroon, Gemmels, and Dunback camping areas will be closed and facilities at these locations closed also.​

Freedom Camping:

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is working with other government agencies to assist those affected in finding suitable temporary accommodation for self-isolation.

Temporary accommodation is not income or asset tested. There will be a cost for temporary accommodation, If you’re a New Zealand citizen or resident on a low income or benefit, you can contact Work and Income to see if you’re eligible for support. International visitors are also eligible for this support.

After registering, you will be contacted by a temporary accommodation staff member who will assess your needs and work with you to help you find suitable temporary self-isolation accommodation.

To register your details, please call 0508 754 163.​

Visitors in Self Contained vehicles:

We’ve heard from a number of local government representatives that there are still a large number of visitors travelling in self-contained vehicles around the country. Please be mindful that many of these visitors have been here for a long time and came here to work and live. It will be a stressful time for them too. We are encouraging visitors in self-contained vehicles to ideally stay at  commercial camping sites if available. They will need to stay at the site for four weeks.​

Visitors in non self-contained vehicles:

We are suggesting that travellers in non-self-contained vehicles book into self-contained accommodation – motel unit etc. All DOC campsites are closed and a number of Councils are closing freedom camping spots. Again. wherever they go they need to stay for four weeks.​

Page reviewed: 24 Mar 2020 5:27pm