Camping rules

We want everyone to enjoy their time at our camping grounds. When you visit, please keep in mind the following rules:

Speed limit 10km

  • The speed limit is 10km within all camping grounds at all times
  • Please watch out for children

Dogs on leads

  • Dogs must be on a lead and under control at all times
  • Must not cause nuisance
  • Should be dosed for worms and other parasites before camping

No fires

No open fires are allowed at any of the camp sites

No motorbikes

Trail bike riding is banned from all camping grounds

No firearms

Firearms are not permitted in any camping grounds

Low noise

Noise is to be kept to minimum levels between 10pm and 7am

Camp site 60m2 max

  • Campsite size not to exceed 60m2
  • No camping within 10m of water

No vegetation removal

  • Please notify the camp supervisor if tree branches require removal.
  • Unauthorised removal of vegetation in the campgrounds is prohibited and can result in prosecution

No fees - no camping

camping without paying is considered trespassing

Caravan and campervan waste

  • Portable toilets must be emptied in dump stations NOT camp toilets
  • There are caravan and campervan dump stations available at the Parsons Rock, Boat Harbour, Sailors Cutting and Falstone Creek camping grounds. They are free if you have purchased a camping ground ticket – otherwise there is a $5 fee to use them

Registration and camp sites

  • Fees must be paid prior to campsite set-up
  • Tickets are non-refundable
  • Tickets only apply to the family/individuals named on ticket
  • Sites are not bookable. First in, first served
  • Sites may not be cordoned off before camp set-up
  • Sites can’t be claimed on behalf of other campers