What can I take where?

It can be tricky to know what to do with old paint, household electrical appliances, and computers and TVs. There are options for dealing with these items.

Used engine oil, cooking oil and gas cylinders are potentially hazardous waste, but can be dealt with by the Waitaki Resource Recovery Park without making an application to Council.

The Waitaki Resource Recovery Park will accept the following items. For more information about opening hours, what they will accept, and their charges please visit Waitaki resource recovery park website.

Used engine oil

Used engine oil can be taken to the Waitaki Resource Recovery Park in Chelmer Street, where it is recycled (Note: the Park has a limit of 20 litres for oil, and it must be left in the container/s).

Used cooking oil

This is recycled into bio-diesel.

Old gas cylinders

A charge applies to cover the cost of dismantling them or putting them through a safety testing programme for resale. 

Old paint

Paint that is still reusable can be sold in the Get Sorted shop at the Park. There will be a disposal charge if the paint is unable to be reused – eg hard or very old. You can also take it into a Resene paint shop. There is no charge for this if it’s a Resene brand of paint. If you have another paint brand there is a small charge per tin for disposal.

Household electrical appliances

Electrical items can be recycled, and many are also resalable. There is a cost involved with either dismantling them for recycling or putting them through a safety testing programme first. If you take these items to a transfer station or landfill, you will be charged the usual rubbish disposal fee.

Computers and TVs

All computers and TVs can be dropped off at the Park for recycling. There is a charge for this which covers the cost of dismantling and preparing them for recycling.