Recycle the right way

Why recycle?

Less to landfill - it's a no-brainer. Recycling diverts waste away from landfill and saves you money. NZ sends approximately 13 million tonnes of rubbish to landfill each year. 178, 000 tonnes are incorrectly disposed of at kerbside - made up of 70,000 tonnes of rubbish placed in recycling bins contaminating the recycling and 108,000 tonnes of recyclables placed in the rubbish that can’t be recycled. Keeping these materials in use reduces the need to take raw materials from the environment. Recycled materials use less energy to produce than virgin materials and some items, such as glass, can be recycled endlessly.

Recycle the right way

Unclean recycling goes to landfill. And rubbish in with recycling can contaminate the whole load making it destined for landfill too. So it’s really important to recycle the right way.

  • Sort and separate your waste
  • Then wash anything recyclable and remove lids
  • Flatten your cardboard

Before you recycle, you might like to try some other ways to reuse items like refilling glass bottles and plastic containers, or giving items to second-hand shops.

  • Decide whether to drop off your recycling or pay to have it picked up.
  • Confirm what items your service provider will pick up or drop-off location will accept.