What do we do when snow strikes

What to Do when Snow Strikes?

Our contractors will monitor road conditions, keep us informed and we will update the road conditions page. During snow events constant vigilance and extra care should be taken whilst using the roading network.

During a snow event, we ask you to avoid driving if possible. If you must drive, make sure you have snow chains, food and water, extra warm clothes/blanket, torch, ice scraper, extra windscreen washer fluid, phone and most importantly someone knows the route you are travelling and the time you are leaving.

A snow event is deemed to be over once snowfall has ceased for 12 hours, and there is no further snow forecast for at least 24 hours.

Specific areas: 

On Danseys Pass Road, snow clearing operations are not to extend beyond/past the bridge 4.5km west of Mt Alexander Station. For safety reasons, we do not attempt to clear snow past this bridge to the summit of Danseys Pass until the immediate hazard period has passed and on advice with the Council's Road Maintenance Team.

During high snowfall events in the Macraes area, our contractor will liaise with mines operator OceanaGold as roads maintained by OceanaGold may require clearing to allow access to the rest of the network.

These are:

  • Macraes Road (4.1km)
  • Golden Bar Road (Full Length)
  • Golden Point Road (2km)

In the event the weather is extreme the Council's Roading Manager can instruct extra work to be carried out if it is deemed necessary.