High productivity motor vehicles

If you want to carry divisible loads, such as logs, milk powder or freight more productively you may be able to operate on a high productivity motor vehicle (HPMV) permit.

HPMV permits will only be approved for suitable vehicles carrying divisible loads of economic importance. Permitted vehicles must also be able to travel on routes that are suitable for the vehicle and the load has been approved.

Application Process

To obtain a HPMV permit apply online at NZ Transport Agency ( NZTA).

Please note: HPMV permits are no longer issued by Waitaki District Council. Any existing HPMV permits issued by Waitaki District Council shall run their course until the expiry date.

Useful information before applying for a permit from NZTA

The information below is needed before NZTA will issue a permit. If these configurations are used, you are more likely to have your permit approved.

Road type Vehicle

Sealed roads

8 axle up to 48 tonne

9 axle up to 54 tonne

  • You will need to getapproval from OceanaGold for the Macraes Road sectionfrom Shag Valley Back Road to the mine whichincludes the bridge.

  • Any high productivity motor vehicleswith weights outside these configurations please contactNZTAfor approval. Please notethat no approval will be given to 8 axle vehicles over 48 tonne.

Unsealed roads (without bridges)

8 axle or48 tonne

9 axle or54tonne

Unsealed roads are used at your own risk.Please note that not all roads will accommodate extra length or the weight, particularly steeper road gradients.

All rural roads Class 1 vehicles
(45-46 tonne and 50MAX)
All rural roads (with the exception of posted bridges) are available toClass 1 vehicles.


  • All roads with posted bridge weights are not permitted for HPMVs.
  • HPMVs require a permit to cross a non-posted bridge that is on a rural unsealed road.
  • Adhere to posted speed restrictions across bridges.

Approved HPMV route maps

Waitaki District Council roads that have been approved for travel under a valid NZTA- issued HPMV permit are indicated on the maps below.