Council owned and operated water supplies (untreated)

Although most of Council's supplies are treated and the majority meet the NZ Drinking Water Standards, there are still a few that remain untreated. Council has made upgrading water supplies to meet the Standards a priority and upgrading of supplies is progressing at a steady pace.

The following Council-owned and managed drinking water supplies are currently untreated:

  • Ohau Alpine Village
  • Bushy Creek (formerly Otekaieke, upgrade in line with Rural Agricutural standard)
  • Awahokomo

The untreated water supplies listed above are on interim or permanent boil water notices until they are upgraded. Boil water notices are advertised in local media and on this website.

On these supplies, please ensure you boil all water required for drinking, preparing food and brushing teeth.

Because these are restricted supplies, like many other Council-owned supplies in Waitaki, there are also other things to be aware of – such as having sufficient tank storage and keeping your storage tank clean. For more information, go to our water supplies page.