Property Files

1. What is in a property file?

The information contained in each property file varies and we cannot guarantee the information you are looking for will be in a property file. A file may include some of the following:

  • Completed consent applications
  • Drainage plans
  • Plans and specifications
  • Code Compliance Certificates
  • Planning reports
  • Resource Consent Decisions

When supplied to the public, information (such as correspondence) that relates to the privacy of natural persons is removed. Unverified information, supplied by third parties is also removed.

For safety reasons, there are certain property files that require the owner’s written permission for release.

2. Liability of property information

The information supplied is made available in good faith but its accuracy is not guaranteed. Waitaki District Council accepts no liability for any error. The information provided does not constitute a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) or any similar document.

3. Viewing a property file

We receive 3,400 requests to view property file information each year. The time it takes to deliver a property file can vary greatly depending on the volume of requests currently being received, the nature of the information requested and size of the property file.


Property Files are held at the Council Offices at 20 Thames Street, Ōamaru. Requests to view a file must be made in advance and you will be advised of the time the file will be made available to view. There are three deliveries of property files to the customer services counter each day - 9am, 11am and 3pm. We endeavour to deliver the property file as soon as possible but this can be greatly affected by the number of other requests we have received. 

Digital Property Files (electronic files)

In March 2019 we began the exciting process of digitising property files. We are steadily working our way through approximately 14 000 property files. If you request a property file that has been digitised, instead of viewing a hardcopy file, you will be emailed a link. There is also a computer available in customer services to view electronic files requested.


If you live / work outside of the Ōamaru area, or can't visit the council offices due to health, files or specific information can be scanned and emailed, but this takes a significantly longer time for us to complete. We encourage you to be very specific about the information you require so we can complete your request as quickly as possible.

 *Additional fees will be charged for this service and payment required before this is provided. It typically takes up to 5 days to process scanned files, starting from the date payment is received. For larger scans, such as those of commercial buildings, it may take longer to process. We will inform you of the expected turnaround time at the time of your order."

Fees and payment

The fee for viewing a property file is $15 for Owners and $45 for non-owners. This fee must be paid prior to viewing a property file. You can pay by cash or eftpos at Council headquarters or the Palmerston Service Centre. 

If you are a business that regularly requests property file information monthly billing can be arranged to be paid on the 20th of the following month.

4. How do I request a file?

  • In person: Waitaki District Council, 20 Thames Street Ōamaru or Waihemo Service Centre, 54 Tiverton Street, Palmerston
  • By phone: 03 433 0300 or Freephone 0800 108 081
  • By email: Please include your contact details and specific information about the property file information you require