Commercial, Retail or Industrial Premises FAQ

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Frequently asked questions

Section 363 Public Premises

If your building is intended for public use, i.e. open to the public, whether for free or payment of a charge and you are undertaking building work, you may need a Certificate for Public Use. This is a certificate that verifies that in the view of the Council, the building can be used by the public safely. If you are arranging for work to be done on your public building, you should discuss the section 363 provisions with your designers and contractors, or contact Council to make an application. You will need to fill out the application form. Council has 20 working days to issue the Certificate for Public Use

What are public premises?

Any building which is open to the public, whether for free or payment of a charge, including:

  • shopping malls,
  • cinemas,
  • marae,
  • camping grounds,
  • garages and workshops,
  • funeral homes,
  • office and retail complexes,
  • rest homes, etc.

Compliance Schedules and Building Warrant of Fitness

A compliance schedule is a document issued by the BCA, with a CCC, for buildings that contain specified systems. The compliance schedule lists the inspection maintenance and reporting procedures follow in relation to each system. The purpose of the compliance schedule is to ensure that the identified systems will be kept in good working order. Your design professional should be able to provide the necessary information with the building consent application. A compliance schedule must be kept on site and made available to Building Officers, Independent Qualified Persons (IQP's), Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) and authorised agents.