Cape Wanbrow revegetation project

  • Project typeRevegetation
  • Completion Date01 November 2016
Cape Wanbrow Family Planting

In the Autumn of 2014 a 40 year old plantation of radiata pine was clear felled on Cape Wanbrow. Council and community members decided that the Cape should not be entirely replanted with pine trees, and that native trees and shrubs should be promoted instead.

A landscape plan was developed for the 13.5 ha site, that reverted some areas to plantation forestry, but primarily focussing on amenity plantings to improve the values of the site as a recreational reserve.

By November 2016 approximately 5000 native plants have been planted on the cape, almost entirely using volunteer workers. Furthermore, many of the trees planted at the Cape were propagated by the Waitaki Branch of Forest and Bird at the Oamaru Public Gardens Community Nursey.

For updates on public planting days at Cape Wanbrow please visit the Community Nursery Facebook page.