Dogs and parks

Where there are high concentrations of people – eg in neighbourhood reserves - dogs may pose a health and safety risk to members of the community. Some reserve areas also have important recreation or conservation values that need to be protected.

Where dogs are allowed in any Council-administered reserves, they must be on a lead (except for in designated off-lead areas) and under continuous control at all times.

All dog owners must remove their dog’s dropping from reserves and comply with all provisions of the Waitaki Dog Control Bylaw 2014.

The Waitaki Dog Control Bylaw 2014(PDF, 4MB) outlines how animal control and management across the district, and in particular where dogs can and can’t go on Council reserves.

For maps showing where you can walk your dog, on or off the lead, please go to our Dog Walking Areas.

Areas where dogs are prohibited

Dogs are prohibited in the following parks, gardens and reserves:

  • All sportsgrounds - namely Centennial Park, Weston Park, King George Park, Awamoa Park West, Mill Domain, Kurow Domain;
  • Kakanui Esplanade playground and protected wildlife area;
  • Within 10 metres of a children’s playground equipment;
  • Within 10 metres of identified regionally or nationally protected wildlife colonies; and
  • In all relevant Council administered reserves during the lambing season.

Designated off-lead dog exercise areas on Waitaki reserves


  • Berkeley Place Park (access off Meon St)
  • Fenwick Park South
  • Awamoa Park East
  • Cape Wanbrow* (see restrictions for grazed areas above)
  • Glen Eden Reserve*(see restrictions for access during lambing season above)
  • Glen Warren Reserve* (see restrictions for access during lambing season above)


Kurow Railway Reserve


Sefton Place Reserve


Omarama Recreation Reserve (eastern end).