Candidates standing for election to Council or a community board can start campaigning at any time and can continue up to and including Election Day, as long as the rules set out in Local Electoral Act 2001 and the Local Electoral Regulations are followed.

Campaign advertising

Campaign advertising is subject to the following rules:

  • Advertisements are defined as anything published in a newspaper, periodical, notice, poster, pamphlet, handbill, billboard or card, or broadcast over radio or television.
  • Advertisements must be authorised in writing by the candidate or the candidate’s agent.
  • Advertisements must contain a statement setting out the true name and address of the person or persons for whom or at whose direction they are published.

Expenditure limits

All candidates have campaign expenditure limits and are required to file a return to the electoral officer after the election.

Campaign expenditure is all expenses relating to the campaign from the period 3 months before election day, If a candidate is standing for more than one position (eg mayor and councillor) then the higher limit applies (not both combined).

Election Hoardings

Temporary signs for electioneering purposes, provided that they comply with Building and District Plan requirements, may be erected without any formality. The Waitaki District Council has delegated to the Planning Manager the authority to deal with temporary signs which do not comply with the requirements and which require resource consents:

Hoardings, Posters or Bills on posts, poles, fences or other surfaces in public places or on any Council property are prohibited. However, they may be placed on residential properties or in shop windows, with the owner’s consent.

Signs are permitted on private property subject to a range of conditions, including:

  • The sign does not exceed 3 square metres in area.
  • The sign is removed from the property the day before Election Day.
  • Signs shall not be erected more than 2 months prior to the Election Day.

More information on election hoardings will be included in the Candidate Handbook, The handbook also provides information of street meetings and other campaign activities.

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