Resource Consents Applications


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Notified applications

​​Find information and documents relating to notified resource consent applications that are open for submissions. There are two types of notified resource consent applications:

  1. Publicly notified applications - allows any person to lodge a submission in support and/or opposition, or to indicate a neutral position with respect to an application

  2. Limited notified applications - notice of the application is served on all persons identified as being adversely affected and allowing only those persons to lodge a submission. However, where affected parties have provided their written approval they are not served notice and cannot lodge a submission.

Current notified application

​Oceana Gold (New Zealand) Limited (Application No: 201.2019.1241, 201.2016.779.1 and 201.2013.360.2)​


​Closed notified applications

Non-notified applications

​Mega Mitre 10 ​application and decision

​Application Number ​201.2019.1225
​Applicant ​Du Velle Properties Ltd
​Site Location​​​5 Dee Street - Sec 7 Block XXII Town of Oamaru,  
7 Dee Street - Sec 8 Block XXII Town of Oamaru,  
9 Dee Street - Lot 2 DP 16706,  
11 Dee Street - Lot 1 DP 16706, Pt Sec 10 Block XXII Town of Oamaru, 
13 Dee Street - Pt Sec 11 Block XXII Town of Oamaru,  
15 Dee Street - Pt Sec 11 Block XXII Town of Oamaru,  
70 Ribble Street - Lot 2 DP 6544,  
70a Ribble Street - Lots 1 DP 6544,  
72 Ribble Street - Lot 3 DP 16706,  
74 Ribble Street - Lot 3 DP 16706, 
76 Ribble Street - Sec 18 Block XXII Town of Oamaru,
​Proposal ​Resource consent is sought to establish a large format retail activity with associated parking, 
landscaping and signage on the application site.​

​Kurrow Duntroom Irrigiation Scheme

​Application Number ​​201.2018.1097
​Applicant​​Kurow Duntroon Irrigation Company 
​Site Location​Sec: 1-2 SO 23618, Sec: 32 Blk: X SD: Kurow, Lot 6 DP 369280, Sec: 9 Blk III SD: Kurow, Sec: 23A Set: Otekaieke OT14B/198, Sec: 76A Set: Otekaieke OT17A/124
Lot: 1 DP: 384199; Lot: 6 DP: 369280; Sec: 1 SO: 23947; Sec: 100A Set: OTEKAIEKE; Sec: 101A Set: OTEKAIEKE; Sec: 2 SO: 23947; Sec: 23A Set: Otekaieke; Sec: 3 SO: 476897; Sec: 32 SO: 21002;  Sec: 34 Blk: X SO: 21001; Sec: 9 Blk: VIII SD: Kurow  
Kurow-Duntroon Road, 567 Otematata-Kurow Road, 6 Settlement Road and Special School Road
Proposal ​​Installation of a pipeline to convey water for irrigation purposes and associated pump sheds and above ground structures in areas zoned Rural General (RG), Rural Scenic (RS) and Rural Residential (RR). 


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