Mobility parking

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mobility parking permit holders can use mobility parking spaces, which are​ wider than standard parks and closer to venues.

Parking sign of disablity.

These spaces are marked with the disability symbol, and in many areas are now painted blue. This includes public and private car parks, such as shopping malls, hospitals and supermarkets. Concessions also apply to P30 and P60 time restricted parking areas.

If you are a mobility card holder and you find all the mobility parking spaces are full, you can use other parking spaces.  With your valid mobility parking permit displayed, the following concessions apply:

​​Parking space​​​​​Concession
​P30 Time Limited Zone​Double time to 60 minutes
​P60 Time Li​​​mited Zone​Double time to 120 minutes
​Pay and Display​Pay for the first hour and the next hour is free

​For more information or to apply ​for a mobility parking permit online​ please visit CCS disabi​lity action ​website.

Note: We accept overseas Mobility Parking Permits in the Waitaki district. 

Australian disability parking permit

Mobility parking locations

There are presently 44 mobility parking spaces in Oamaru:​ 

  • 21 located on various streets
  • 14 located in off-street car parks
  • 9 located at public facilities.

Oamaru Mobility Parking Map

​On- street car parks

  • ​​​Arun Street (outside Fenwick School)​

  • Awamoa Road (outside Public Toilets)​​​​

  • Back Lane (off Harbour St​reet)

  • Centennial Park Road

  • Coquet Street (outside Oamaru Doctors)

  • Coquet Street (outside NZ Post)

  • Eden Street (outside Central Medical)

  • Esplanade​

  • Harlech Street (outside Pembroke School)

  • Itchen Street (outside RSA building)​

  • Tees Street (outside Tees Street Café)

  • Thames Street (outside Cinema)

  • Thames Street (outside Opera House)​

  • ​Thames Street x2 (outside Public Library)

  • Thames Street (outside Farmers)

  • T​​​hames Street (outside Empire Backpackers)

  • Towey Street (outside Awamoa Bowling Club)

  • Trent Street (outside Waitaki Girls High School)

  • Wear Street x2 (outside Brydone Hotel)

Off- street car parks​​​Public facility car parks
  • ​​​Eden Street North x2

  • Eden Street South x4

  • Frome St​reet

  • Steward Street x2

  • Meek Street x3​

  • Humber Street x2

  • ​Aquatic Centre x4

  • Public Gardens x2

  • Public Hospital x2

  • Recreation Centre​

Palmerston Map with Mobilty location.

We provide three mobility parking spaces in Palmerston; two in Bond Street and one in Sanday Street.

Otematata  Map with Mobilty location.

We provide two mobility parking spaces in Otematata at the West Road Shops car park.



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