Environmental Health


​​​​Food Act 2014 (Food Control Plan or National Programme)

ActivityBasis for charge2018/19 charges (incl GST)
New Application Base fee plus $155 per hour after the first hour
Renewal  155.00
Amendments Base fee plus $155 per hour after the first hour155.00
Verification inspectionBase fee plus $205 per hour after the first hour (Capped at 4 hours)205.00
Improvement Notice / Corrective Action  155.00
Re-inspection Base fee plus $205 per hour after the first hour (Capped at 4 hours)205.00
Compliance / Verified Complaint Base fee plus $205 per hour after the first hour (Capped at 4 hours)
Mentoring service - provider advisement available on requestNA
Food Control Plan  30.00

Other Businesses Registered Under the Health Act

ActivityBasis for charge2018/19 charges (incl GST)
New applicationBase fee plus $155 per hour after 1 hour155.00
Camping GroundsPer Annual Certificate300.00
HairdressersPer Annual Certificate225.00
Offensive TradersPer Annual Certificate205.00
Funeral DirectorPer Annual Certificate205.00
SaleyardsPer Annual Certificate205.00
Transfer FeeTransfer fee for all health services80.00

Other Fees

ActivityBasis for Charge2018/19 charges (incl GST)
Buskingrequires approval from WDC and permission from shop proprietor
No fee
Itinerant Trader or Mobile Shop Permit Per Annual Permit100.00
Street Furniture PermitPer Annual Permit50.00
Seizure of equipment​
Plus storage costs if applicable150.00

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