Airport and Harbour

ActivityBasis for charge2018/19 charges (incl GST)
Maximum take-off weight (kgs)
Grass Runway fees 4.00
Take off weight0 - 150012.00
 1501 - 200015.00
 2001 - 300020.00
 3001 - 500030.00
Helicopters 10.00
​​ ​​ ​
Harbour FeesHolmes Wharf berth per annum1,200.00
Holmes Wharf berth per annum non-ratepayer1,500.00
 Harbour mooring per annum ratepayer300.00
 Harbour mooring per annum non-ratepayer500.00
 Temporary Waitaki District Council wharf mooring (per day charge)10.00
Temporary WDC wharf mooring (per day charge) after 14 days50.00
 Temporary Waitaki District Council mooring (per day charge)5.00
Temporary WDC mooring (per day charge) after 14 days25.00
 Harbour operator fee plus any disbursements (hourly rate)75.00
 Fish Case levy per case0.50
Slipway FeesWinch (on and off) (fixed charge then hourly rate after 2 hours)150.00
Hourly rate for Harbour Operator75.00
 Daily charge25.00

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