Application forms

New connection

All applications for new water connections to the Waitaki District Council managed supply need to be made using the form below.

Once we have received your application, we will either:

  • Approve it and then inform you of the type of supply you will get, the level of service, the size of the connection, and any particular conditions applicable, or
  • Refuse the application and notify you of the decision, giving reasons for refusal.

Once the connection is approved, Council will determine the sizes of all pipes, fittings and any other equipment, up to the point of supply. Council will supply and install the service pipe up to the point of supply, or may allow the supply and installation of the service pipe to be carried out by approved contractors, which will be at your cost. Installations must be in accordance with the design and instructions approved by Council.

The Awamoko, Kauru Hill, Tokarahi and Windsor water supplies are operated by Corriedale Water Management Ltd. Council is not in a position to assist with any queries or issues for these supplies. For contact details for these supplies please visit our Who to contact page.

Fees and charges for new applications

Please refer to our fees and charges page for current prices. Please note that Development Contributions will also apply.

Time limit

Once the application has been approved by Council, you will need to accept the conditions of, and pay for, the new connection within 30 days of the date of approval (unless a time extension has been approved). Any refund of application fees and charges is at Council’s discretion.

More water/ change of use

If you require more water, or change how you use the water on your property (ie from ordinary use to extraordinary use, or vice versa), you must submit the same application as for a new connection.

Relocating the point of supply

If you are planning to change the location of the point of supply on your property, you will need to make an application to Council the same as for a new connection.

Use of Water Filling Station

To apply for use of Councils water filling station, please complete the application form below.

Download a printable pdf form: Application To Draw Water application form.(PDF, 186KB)

New water main line/subdivision connection

The application below is used when a new main or subdivision is to be connected to the Waitaki District Council water supply network. This form will not be accepted unless all details are fully completed .This application must be made at least one month prior to connecting to Council’s supply network.


Sewer and Trade waste application forms