Noise complaints

If you have a noise complaint issue with a neighbour you can contact us on 0800 108 081 - [Automated options after hours]

Noise from any source will impact on people. The effects can range from being mildly irritating and stressful, to depriving people of much-needed sleep.

Waitaki District Council typically gets 300-400 complaints a year through its after-hours noise control service. Most of these are complaints relating to loud stereos, with a small number relating to noise from factories and other commercial activities.

Domestic noise complaints (usually occurring after normal work hours) are investigated and resolved by Council's after-hours Noise Control Officers. These officers are able to give notice both verbally and in writing to require the immediate abatement of the noise following their on-site assessment.

Usually, where there is a noise impact issue, people are happy to comply with a request by the officer to "turn down the stereo". On rare occasions officers may need to seize stereo equipment. The owner then needs to claim it back from Council after paying a ‘return fee’.

The Police assist in cases where seizure is involved to ensure public safety.

Barking dogs

If your calls is about barking dogs please call Council on 0800 108 081 and your complaint will be dealt with by our Animal Control team. For more information please go to dog complaints page.

Noise complaints not dealt with by Council

  • Noisy vehicles on a road - contact the NZ Police
  • Noisy workplaces - contact Worksafe
  • Noise from aircraft and trains - contact the Civil Aviation Authority or KiwiRail
  • Noise between tenants in the same dwelling or building premises - contact your landlord in the first instance (you can follow up with Council if there are any ongoing issues)