Apply for a Certificate of Acceptance

A Territorial Authority may, on application, issue a Certificate of Acceptance (COA) for building work already done, in certain circumstances. A COA may be required when:

  • The owner, or the owner's predecessor in title, carried out building work for which a building consent was required, but a building consent was not obtained; 
  • A building consent could not practicably be obtained in advance because the building work had to be carried out urgently; 
  • The building consent authority that granted the building consent is unable or refuses to issue a code compliance certificate in relation to the building work, and no other building consent authority will agree to issue a code compliance certificate for the building work. 

When you apply for your Certificate of Acceptance you may be required to supply supporting documentation such as energy work certificates, producer statements or installer declarations before the certificate can be issued.

Apply by mail

Step 2.Ensure your application form is correct and complete

All parts of Form 8 (Certificate of Acceptance application) are to be completed and submitted along with one (1) copy of supporting documents. Supporting documents include plans and specifications and certificate from personnel who carried out the building work.

Step 3.Post your application

If you are submitting your application form by mail, all parts of Form 8 (COA) are to be completed and submitted along with one (1) copy of supporting documents.

Application forms and supporting documentation should be posted to:

Waitaki District Council
20 Thames Street
Private Bag 50058
Oamaru, Otago 9444

Step 4.Make a payment

You will be required to pay a fee when you submit your application and you will receive an invoice for the remainder of the costs once a decision has been made on your application. Costs are charged at an hourly rate for the time it takes to assess your application, any inspections carried out in addition to any levies and charges that apply to building consent applications.

Please include confirmation of your payment when submitting your electronic application so we can put the two things together and get the process rolling. For full information on how to make payments please view our How to make a payment page.