Ōmārama Water Supply Upgrade

  • Project typeWater supply upgrade
  • Contractor nameCORDE
  • Completion Date31 December 2023
Omarama Water Treatment Plant foundations

UPDATED: 28 July 2023

Work is progressing on upgrading Omarama’s water supply to meet the New Zealand Government's new Drinking Water Standards. The upgrade is also a chance to ensure the supply is more resilient to events like flooding.

Council purchased a block of land adjacent to the current treatment plant site to house the new plant and supporting infrastructure. This land sits outside the flood-prone area and will also provide better access for our plant operators and other contractors. 

Land use and water take consents have been obtained, and design work completed for the plant pipework and equipment, bores, electrical systems and treatment plant building. One of the key elements of the building design is ensuring it fits in well with the local environment. 

Council's contractor, Corde, have laid the foundations for the new water treatment plant at Ōmārama. All going well, the plant is expected to be completed by December this year and will provide residents with water that meets the Government's Drinking Water Standards.

Next stages of the project will include work on the bores and installation of electrical systems and switchboards in the treatment plant building. Specialised water treatment equipment is being provided by Filtec.

A special thanks to neighbours who have provided support for this project. More detailed updates on the work and photos will be provided soon as work progresses.