Weston Water Supply Upgrade

  • Project typeWater supply upgrade
  • Project scheduleStarts April 2023
  • Contractor nameSouthRoads

SouthRoads, on Council’s behalf, has begun upgrading watermains and installing new service connections to properties within the residential area of the Weston Water Supply. This significant project will provide several benefits, including:

  • reducing the risk of breakages and leaks in the network, which will improve supply security over the longer term and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.
  • providing the opportunity for households and businesses in the Residential Zone of Weston to receive an On-Demand water supply (you are currently on a Restricted supply).
  • providing capacity for fire-fighting.

Dates for work

Work is scheduled to start on Charles and Gordon Streets in mid-April and we expect to complete these areas by the end of June. All going well, SouthRoads expect to complete all of the network upgrade works within Weston by December this year. 

Affected Areas

Please click here(PDF, 11MB) to download a pdf map of the upgrade areas.

Traffic management and vehicle access

Traffic management will be in place on the streets being worked on to enable the watermain and service lines to be installed. We will notify affected property owners in advance of work being undertaken and SouthRoads will liaise with you directly to minimise any disruption. 

Property access

SouthRoads will need to access some private properties to install new services lines to the existing water restrictor. Where this is required, we will discuss this with you first to get your agreement and to arrange access at a time that is convenient for you. 


Weston water supply upgrades map